Great Rehab Center!
Nothing I've ever tried was as hard as getting clean, and I never would have succeeded if it wasn’t for them. I have been hospitalized a few times, and even went to jail, but it seemed that none of those consequences were enough to make me quit abusing alcohol and drugs. When I entered treatment, I was not only in trouble with the law, but my life was in serious danger. They helped me realize what I was doing that prevented me from getting clean and sober, and helped me understand my issues with drug and alcohol abuse. I believe that I'm alive now thanks to them.
Everything Was Great!
At first, I wasn't optimistic that they could be able to help, but now I believe they saved me. When I started abusing drugs and alcohol, my life began to spin out of my control, and I lost my family, my house, and my job because I didn’t know how to quit. My life became more positive after I finally made up my mind to seek help. Their individualized treatment programs seriously worked, and their staff was great, and thanks to them I was in a position to change for the better. I can’t express how extremely grateful I am!
Great Services!
I sincerely needed rehab to help me with my substance abuse issues, but for some reason I waited until I hit rock bottom. Thety helped me find a way to survive without drugs or alcohol, and helped me understand my problems with addiction. I would certainly recommend them to anyone who believes they could have a problem with drug abuse.
Awesome Treatment Program!
They helped and encouraged me during my rehabilitation, and their treatment programs sincerely worked for me. Because of them, my life has completely changed!
Awesome Personnel!
I was able to get clean and sober because of the great personnel and therapists at the Rehab, who were really concerned about my recovery. Without them I wouldn’t be clean and sober now.
Drug Addiction Recovery Rehab is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.